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Inaugural Notebook: Big Name Entertainment On Tap

WASHINGTON (AllPolitics, Jan. 10) -- Barbra Streisand is one of President Bill Clinton's favorite singers, and it looks like she might appear during the inauguration festivities.

"There is still a strong possibility that she will have a role [in the Inaugural]," a senior inaugural official told CNN. Streisand has not yet committed to play a role this time, although she was a big part of the Inaugural Gala last time.

Streisand and Estefan

Gloria Estefan is another entertainer who has agreed to perform at the Inaugural Gala, CNN's "Inside Politics" has learned. Inaugural sources tell CNN that this and other entertainment for the Gala and for the balls could be announced "as early as Friday."

Inauguration Memorabilia

For the first time in history, an inaugural committee is advertising its memorabilia on the home shopping cable network, QVC. Why? Inaugural Co-Chairman Terence McAuliffe told CNN it's was one way to reach out to people who might otherwise not have a "part of history."

"Thousands of letters and calls pour in and this is one way we can bring the inaugural to more people," McAuliffe said. "QVC hits 58 million households....This is another means of communications."

QVC price and product list

McAuliffe said that while the inaugural committee does expect to raise some money from the QVC sales, they do not expect to raise more than 1 to 2 percent of the budget from these sales. McAuliffe said $10 million was left over from the last inaugural and that they expect to raise the bulk of their funds from ticket sales, about $20 million, out of a total budget of $31 million. Since the inaugural is not taking in-kind contributions and has limited contributions to $100 each, they still have had to raise some additional funds.

McAuliffe did acknowledge that in one day, QVC generated "a quarter of a million dollars." And expect to see the inaugural committee memorabilia on more hours of QVC, officials tell CNN.

The committee plans to sell between $2 million and $5 million worth of inaugural memorabilia on the QVC network, which would result in $1 to $2 million worth of revenue for the committee.

The committee is also selling memorabilia through a catalog that went out with each invitation and through the two official inaugural stores in Washington, D.C.

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